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Pet strollers, also known as pet prams, are the new must have dog or cat accessory! If you’re asking yourself why you would need a cat or dog pram for your furry friend, you’re not alone. On the surface, it might seem like the last thing a cat or dog needs is a stroller. But there are actually many reasons why having a pet pram is great for you and great for your dog or cat.

A pet carriage makes it easier to take your cat or dog places. Whether you’re going to the vet, or to an outdoor event like a concert or just to a restaurant your dog will have a safe and familiar place to rest. The stroller will keep your dog from getting too much sun or getting wet in the rain. It also gives your cat or dog a nice barrier from other possibly aggressive animals. 

Taking your pet to work with you in a pet stroller will make sure that your cat or dog has a familiar and secluded place to nap without dragging a kennel to the office. It will also make getting your cat or dog in and out of the car a lot easier.

In an emergency situation, pets are often so scared that they run away before a pet parent can get them into a confining kennel or carrier. A pet stroller will let you secure your pet in an emergency and make it easier to take your pet with you wherever you go.

Pet strollers protect paws. In the summertime when it’s over 35 degrees, footpaths can feel like hot coals to your dog or cat. In the winter, they have to deal with the cold. Putting your dog in a stroller gives them some relief from the elements and protects their feet.

Pet prams give older dogs or injured dogs or disabled dogs the chance to get fresh air and sunshine. If your dog has mobility problems you can use a dog stroller to give your dog a walk again. And if you want to take a break your dog can nap in the stroller.

You can get better exercise. If your dog has trouble keeping up with you when you go walking or running you can bring a stroller with you and let your dog ride when he or she gets tired. That way you can get the exercise you want and your dog can still enjoy some outdoor time too.