Premium Mattress Toppers

Quality Mattress Toppers Australia

A quality mattress topper will assist you in getting a better night’s sleep. The extra layer, provided by a mattress topper, makes your mattress feel firmer or softer – whichever is more comfortable for you. Our Bamboo Pillowtop Matress Toppers can be attached to your existing mattress with its elastic skirt, similar to a fitted sheet. Our Cool Gel Memory Form and Egg Crate Mattress Toppers are simply placed on the top of the mattress.

Do you need a mattress protector if you have a mattress topper?

Yes, recommend both; because they’re each for specific elements. Mattress Protectors safeguards your mattress from spills and other nighttime accidents, while Mattress Toppers are designed for comfort or support, dependent on the material. You can put the mattress protector over the mattress topper so it protects both, and the fitted sheet can go over the mattress topper.