Premium Blockout Curtains

High Quality Blockout Curtains Australia

We currently stock Blockout Curtains, also known as Blackout Curtains, with an expanding stock range to come. Our Blockout Curtains come available in eyelet blockout curtains and pinch pleat blockout curtains.

Blackout Curtains are a popular curtain choice for bedrooms these days, as they block out most of the sunlight and keep the room nice and dark. While blackout curtains have many benefits, their main purpose is blocking out sunlight from the outdoors. To perform this function, blackout curtains must be made with specific materials that can block out the light, this mainly includes heavier fabrics with a tight weave.

Premium Blackout Curtains help provide a good night’s sleep

The use of blackout curtains often comes down to your surroundings. For example, if there is a streetlight right opposite your window, it is likely that the streetlight will disturb your sleep. Naturally, if your room is dark enough without a blackout curtain, then there is no problem.

There are certain people who do need to sleep during the day, especially if they work the nightshift. Sleeping during the day is not that easy though, especially if there is a lot of noise and light coming in from the outside. To prevent this, blackout curtains can provide a solution and a better sleeping environment overall.

Our premade blockout curtains are perfect for anyone who wants to replace their existing curtains or wants to provide their window a quick makeover.